Kairos © photography


The ancient Greeks had two expressions for time: Chronos and Kairos. Chronos was the chronological or quantitative time, while Kairos was the qualitative time.

In modern philosophy, Kairos means choosing the best moment for all important affairs or decisions. Sometimes, it is not the right time for change, sometimes it is too late.

In photography, Kairos is the moment when I decide to take a photo, when my finger presses the shutter button and the image is captured. Not before, not later, but at the right moment.

I, Martine Kolner, am the founder of Kairos Fotografie. I am an all-round photographer. After completing my studies in Cultural Sciences and Art Direction, I followed a four-year professional photography training at the Stichting Statief in Utrecht. Photography in all its forms invigorates me.

Instead of sticking to one style, I prefer to explore different facets of visual imagery. Each project or (client) commission deserves its own approach. My personal work is centred on a diversity of projects with specific themes and (staged) portrait photography. In addition, I work for various private and commercial clients.

Member of the Fotografen Federatie.